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24/Silver Styling Image Consultation includes discussing your current style and some challenges you may be facing in your wardrobe, color analysis, body silhouette focus and developing an inspirational virtual image board designed for your styling needs.

Image Consulting


24/Silver Styling for events is a very simple process for you. We will have a quick consultation on your event style needs for that day; weather it be a certain color, style or fit and the day you will need to have it by then, we can plan a day to shop!

Event Styling


24/Silver Styling provides a great service where we can develop a whole new look for you just based on the 3-5 photos you send to us. We will style a whole book based on your needs and find items online you can shop that same day!

Virtual Styling Look Book


24/Silver Styling will go the extra mile to make sure you wardrobe needs are met! Here we would go shopping together or we will shop for you online with an already pre-planned budget, list of already discussed items to help save you time and money.

Personal Shopping


24/Silver Styling will help you develop your own personal style from clothes right out your closet! We will organize your closet, discard outdated items to a thrift store/consignment shop, mix and match old pieces and make them fresh, trendy & new again!

Wardrobe Consulting


24/Silver Styling is a huge lover of hunting for new pieces! Here we will spend a day at a thrift store/consignment shop looking for pieces to add into your wardrobe. We will discuss ways to wear vintage looks into developing your own personal style.

Group/Personal Thrift Trip


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