Forget About All The $h#t You Went Through and Move On!

Shae Greene

 Now that’s a phrase we all at one point or another wanted to say to someone in our lives or even wanted to say it to ourselves. There’s nothing worse than re-living the past and revisiting the same cycle of horrific events that we have encountered. As we embark the new year lets make a promise to focus on what’s ahead. It’s okay to remember the trials we have overcome because, let’s be honest that is what has shaped us to be the amazing person we are today. Although the flip side is those experiences can also hinder us from reaching personal goals out of fear, rejection, or lack of determination. Now I am not here to preach to you and everything, I would just love to share with you some of the lessons I have witnessed this past year. There’s nothing better than wanting to improve on yourself and  evolve your thought process, especially coming into a new year and a new season of change.

  - Pure Substance vs. Material Substance -

“I’m just tryna secure that baaaagggg!” That was the number one phrase stated last year and that may be true, we are trying to find ways to make money to survive and pay our bills and live the life we feel we deserve. But, when does it become more about getting money and less about what makes you happy and chasing your goals? Maybe if we think more about what we want to pursue in life and love the most, the money will fall into place. 

I have worked three jobs in the past year trying to chase money to survive, working two to three jobs trying to pay rent, draining myself and having no time to focus on anything that made me truly happy. Social media definitely doesn’t give you a realistic time frame of what true success looks like. All we see every day is what other people have, and what other people want, but we need to see more of how these certain individuals met those goals! It takes dedication and time put aside to reach certain goals and I have learned if you just do what you love, things will eventually fall into place with balancing your schedule and finances with what you already have.

Find what truly will motivate you whether it’s something small or something you look forward to achieving. Making new friends, eating healthier, paying off a loan or building your credit. Straight-forward goals like these listed can help you to focus on what will make you happy instead of always being so obsessive about money and materialistic items. Centering your life around chasing material substances will only consume you into a cycle of never-ending satisfaction. Because let's face it, as human beings, we always want more than the next. If you start to focus your time and energy manifesting something positive only good things will arise from that and doors will be open distinctively for you. 

- Take Your Happiness Back - 

Learn from your experiences and make them into your strengths and not your weakness. We all have gone through situations that have formed us into who we are today and sharing those experiences is what will help you move forward. We all have gone through tribulations and sometimes we blame ourselves for it. However, there are some individuals that love the attention they get from telling their deepest, darkest stories or sharing the pain from their past. There is nothing wrong with letting others into your world, but we need to say it, let it go and try to move on. Yes, I know this seems harsh to read, but it’s the truth we all need to hear! These are one of the reasons why it’s hard to get ahead in life with something from your past hindering you from reaching your internal greatness. 

My challenge to you today is to tell someone you trust, someone you love, someone you know that will have your back, and let them know something about you they didn’t already know. I understand it can be very difficult.  One of the reasons can be because you were too ashamed or it’s too painful to speak about it, but I promise you, once you release those struggles from the past you will feel much lighter in spirit.  You will be surprised how much more open you will be to new experiences coming your way. Just always remember, don’t let no one or nothing ever steal your true path to happiness, its time to forgive, forget and move on.