NYFW 2017 F/W Vivienne Hu All Access

Starting this year off with a bang!!! I have had the pleasure of attending New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 this February. Every single year there are New York Fashion Week showcases, one to present the spring/ summer collection and another to showcase the fall/winter looks. In between these seasons designers will have another presentation runway show for resort wear for people who love to travel during those times of year. So, when it comes down to it, designers basically have no life, sheesh! With all the prepping for the next best fashion statement and trying to stay ahead of the game, it's a very exhausted profession to be in I'm sure, but still very rewarding to see the work you created come down the runway for all to see. I like going to fashion shows to see what's new and upcoming for the next season. 

This year I attended, Vivienne Hu Show on February 12th at the Gallery II room in the Skylight Clarkson Square building and I must say it was spectacular! She (Vivienne) had a very strong collection which seemed to be influenced by European tailoring techniques and strong architectural New York city buildings in Manhattan. She has an art of mixing hard textures with soft materials. Hu’s collection, represents many strong professional women who have to showcase a hard exterior in a professional setting to succeed, while underneath having layers of sensuality, elegance and vulnerability. 

Backstage Exclusive:

When I went backstage I saw a few reality show celebrities such as Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Sammy Giancola (Jersey Shore) who brought a cute little puppy along for the show as well! Ms.Kristen Taekman (Real housewives of New York) and I even ran into Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter! Backstage was pretty amazing and was great to see some of the model’s dressing rooms and all the press back there ready to interview all the celebrities. I had a great view of the show, unfortunately I was not in the very front of the main row (let's shoot for that goal next year) however, I was still in a front row seat right across from famous actors, Clara Lee and Rui Zhang. It was pretty cool to be able to see people you watch in movies and televison all the time, coming together to enjoy the art of fashion and networking with one another in the love of fashion! I will definetly try to come back to this show again next year.