New Year, New Resolution, New Excuses

So first of all take the time to congratulate yourself  for making it through another year full of new experiences. YAY! Now that we have made it to 2017 (which is going to take me a whole month to get used to) this is usually the point in people's lives were resolutions and goals are made. Now, we all have a goal in mind that we want to reach to better ourselves, whether its saving money to have better finances, starting a business, exercising, or just getting to learn more things about yourself this year. Whatever you want to achieve this year the first goal you should have is to make a promise to yourself to fulfill that goal(s). 

During the beginning of January everyone is pretty much excited to start a new and are feeling extra motivated, however towards the end of January, beginning of February those resolutions are fading away. In order to have the motivation to maintain these resolutions is that the goals need to be realistic.

In 2017

"Don't wait for the changes to come,

implement them..."

1) Realistic Resolutions can be the the step that will keep a person motivated in that this is absolutely a reasonable outcome to reach. You can have extreme resolutions, such as being the next Beyonce, LOL! But, what I would suggest is maybe starting on a smaller scale and plan out a goal that can be reached this year, like getting a vocal coach and performing at local showcases and building a following. 

2) Planning Resolutions is very important in keeping the hope alive in reaching that set goal. It would be most effective to jot these resolutions out so you can physically see the goals in front of you. That way it will trigger a sense of motivation especially if you are slacking, or are not taking the steps to meet that goal. Write them out on your bathroom mirror on sticky notes, in a little planner or in your phone as an alarm to plan out a time of day to work toward those plans made.  

3) Self-Confidence in your resolution is a major key (DJ Khaled voice lol) in knowing if it is a passion of yours to actually work towards.You can say you want to be a performer, an entrepreneur, or an athlete but, it all starts within you! It has to be embedded in a psychological sense in that the goals set in your mind can be achieved. No one can tell you what your goals and dreams are, only you have a power to actually get yourself up everyday to work at it. 

4) Rewarding the steps you made to resolutions that are met is a great way to keep yourself on track. Nothing feels better than crossing off items on a list. You should reward yourself when you have achieved one or more of your personal plans. Doing this will ultimately help you achieve your main resolution for the year. Take yourself to the movies, or go out for drinks with your best friend, just something that will make you excited to complete the next step on your list.

5) Get a Mentor that will help you find a way to stay focused.A mentor can be anyone to, a work-out buddy or someone you can look up to for advice that has already reached a goal you are working towards. Its okay to ask for help or guidance.You can only do so much on your own, sometimes it's good to have a person around you that has similar goals in mind, so you can help push each other in your progress.

Every year brings new challenges and obstacles, so it is very hard to plan every little detail out, however I do believe in order to be successful in meeting your resolutions there has to be ongoing consistency and you will have to keep fighting for it! Hope this helps you in starting your year off to a great start!