D.I.Y Table Decor For Under $20

If you are like me and in the last three years have moved of what feels like ALL around the world, then you will absolutely enjoy and appreciate this little D.I.Y project for turning any simple place into a stylish space of serenity. 

Since the cost of living is so ridiculously high in the NOVA, DC metro area, its very hard for young professionals who are...

A) Single (not living w/ boyfriend or girlfriend)

B) Not living under parents roof...

C) Not making a minimum of $18 per hour 

D) Or have to be working three part time jobs

In order to be living comfortable in your own place with "no roommates"  there are not too many choices as to where you can live where it is also affordable and has all the interior decor you want as well. Sometimes you have to make it work with that "basic" room with bland white walls, ugly brown carpet, and only one window to actually see existence, into a stylish resort where you actually look forward to coming home to a nice place decorated for no cost at all!


The first thing I did to make this Instagram worthy design to my $15 IKEA coffee table, was to find a table cover that I can make instead of buying one. I found this cool marble print wallpaper roll at my old retail job as they were throwing old things away, I snagged this for free and just measured the table top along with the sides of the top of the table to get the dimensions in order to cut the poster board right. After that I just added spray adhesive to the back of the wall paper and held it for a few seconds, just check to make sure it's secure with no air bubbles.

After the first step is done, then you can start with the actual table display. Most of the things I used where just items I had in my bedroom, such as the necklace, sunglasses, and old vase I got from Dollar Tree and used one of the mirrors from my wall as a table place-mat. You can use just about anything you want, as along as it fits your color story or overall theme and most importantly just use whatever speaks to who you are as a person.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Con-Tact® Brand Creative Covering Shelf Liner in White Marble

The picture frame I used was only $1 from Dollar Tree as well and I got the pictures for the frame from a fashion magazine. I cut different photos and words out and made a little collage and taped them together. 

Dollar Tree

Clear Glass Ribbed Vase

The vase was also only $1 and the clear floral gel beads inside the vase I found them at a local craft store for just about $5. However I just saw that Dollar Tree has them as well now! The flower is just a fake replica I found at the craft store and the last accent I added was a glitter jewelry box to help tie the silver and black theme I had together. Its a pretty easy project which also, makes it more fun that you can personalize it to your own style and decor to fit any living situation. 

Good Luck and Happy Crafting!!!