Old Clothes, New Clothes OR Free Money

Who doesn't love getting free clothes, or just anything free for that matter! I'm here to let you know there are ways to get what you want without spending a penny and receiving money for unwanted items for free!! Yes, I said "money for freeeeee" and all you have to do is just go through your wardrobe and start separating those old clothes from a level of importance.

As you look through your closet divide the clothes into sections:

"Can't Live Without" pile 

"Maybe It Will Still Work" pile  

"Don't Know What I Was Thinking" pile

Once you do that you can bag up all the items you have in your "don't know what I was thinking" pile and put it to the side. Then, you should go back into the "maybe it will still work" pile and do the same 3 steps up top again to help with a process of elimination. Now once you have done that you can bag up the pieces you feel you don't need to keep and put them aside or into your car. Now you have two choices here, either you can go to a consignment shop such as, Buffalo Exchange or Plato's Closet and see how much money you can get if you choose to sell your clothes there. Now keep in mind places like these want clothes that are still trendy, slightly used (no rips, dirt, stains, for it to look dingy or worn out) and well maintained items. Usually they prefer clothes from stores that are most popular in the mall. If I were you I would most definitely do this first to see how much money you can make just from old clothes that was going to collect dust anyway. Let your trash be someone else's treasure!