Knee High Boots in the Summer, Really?

I know what you are probably thinking, "Thigh High boots in the summer, are you crazy!??" And I'm hear to tell you almost anything is possible when it comes to fashion. You can most definitely wear boots in the summer and many top celebrities such as; Beyoncé, Kim K and Riri does this as well. It all depends on how you wear them, the material and style the boot is made and what the temperature is outside.

  • First, you will need a good pair of over the knee boots that will actually stay "Over" your knee! No one wants to walk three steps and always have to pull their boot back up on their upper thigh. Trust me I've been a victim of that!! The way the boot fit matters. Nothing is worse than a thigh high boot transforming into a slouchy boot, absolute no,no!

  •  If you don't want to suffer for fashion by wearing a suede or leather thigh high boot in the summer (like me sometimes, hehe!) try some a pair that will allow skin to breath such as lace up boots or open toe boots to feel more comfortable in. They have breathable materials as well such as the denim, lace, and a laser cut effect to allow the leg to show through the shoe.

  • Sometimes already knowing where you are going and what time of day you are going there can make wearing an over the knee boot a success in the summer. I prefer to wait until the sun goes down to rock a cute over the knee boot while going out for some drinks or a party instead of wearing them around noon when the sun is at its peak and your legs start to sweat! Eww!  So of course, knowing if it is going to rain or if it's going to be really hot can help you figure out when to wear your boots in the summer.

  • However, if you could careless about these suggestions I mentioned up above about when or where to wear your thigh high boots and you just want to rock them because they look SO good on you that you just can't wait to show the world, then I say go for it! You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Summer or not, over the knee boots makes a great fashion statement. Over the knee boots are perfect to wear in the summer with items that show just enough skin around the thigh area such as t-shirt dresses, shorts, skirts.