Alon Livné Presentation S/S 2015

Alon Livne Show

Spring Summer 15

The Alon Livné Presentation Spring/Summer 2015 @ the Hudson Hotel in Manhattan was an outstanding collection. It seems a bit awkward when you first enter into the room which was pretty dark. The lights were very dim and everyone is just standing around in a small room waiting for the collection to begin. The lights come on, the music starts and you start to see the models come down the stage. The collection reminds me of something the main female lead character from the movie called Aeon Flux would wear since her outfit had the same bondage structure that this collection included in some of the pieces. Although the designs in Livné showcase followed the line of a Sexy Ice Queen. The color scheme consisted of black, white, silver and lavender. The materials seemed to be a lot of cut-out designs with chiffon, silk, sequins, leather, taffeta and organza. I read something interesting on Entitled Magazine that Alon designed pieces for Beyoncé and her fellow dancers on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and for Jennifer Lopez, Janelle Monáe, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian. Now knowing that I really fell honored in being able to see something so exclusive.

Check out the video I got a great view of the collection!....

tamyra greene