Front and Center @ Luis Antonio SS15

Luis Antonio

SS15 Fashion show (Aisle View)

In line plotting and scheming on ways to get to the front of the line in order to get a good spot for the Luis show that's about to start in just a few minutes!! OMG!! I was getting super impatient waiting in line as you see all the VIP guest and photographers go in first through the doors. Clutching my purse in anticipation, with my feet tapping the floor from excitement, also trying to ease the pain I was feeling on my big toe from my heels, I literally felt like I was going on a first date! But I was in a way, It was my first "real" New York Fashion show, and I was ready to see it live and in full affect.

"Wooosh!!" As the doors flung open to the show, the next thing I see is everyone that was in line started rushing to get into the show and find a good spot. Thinking to myself, (Ohhh hell nah! Im getting a good spot!) I grab my friend's hand and we finessed our way in there into the front. The place was huge, with rows and rows of seats, lots of lights and black signs marked with white numbers so the people who had VIP seats could find them. As we waited for the show to start on standby, I am just amazed and ready to see Luis's new collection live. The music starts and I am just soaking it all in and snapping crazy pictures, it is definitely a show to remember. The designer had created outfits that expressed an airy, light-weight feel to the material. The outfits were just jaw dropping with beautiful abstract printed designs which resembled splattered paint, however it did give these elegant outfits a more street wear appeal. My favorite piece that stole the show was this all black, hand beaded, sequin jumpsuit. The fabric had movement of such gracefulness and made a powerful statement of confidence, sexiness and sophistication. The collection by Luis Antonio was presented very tastefully and can't wait for his next upcoming show for Fall/Winter.

Quick video that you can check out below....

tamyra greene