NYFW designer Marianna Barksdale

Collection '13

Marianna Barksdale 

As a fashion major in school I knew I wanted to do something with the information I learned in my classes and hopefully I could retain all that information going forward in my career path. Sometimes that information can go through one ear and out the other and it really just comes down to natural talent, passion and determination to get opportunities in this field of work.

I had a great opportunity to work with the very talented and inspirational designer, Marianna Barksdale. It was an honor to meet her and work with her clothes during the fashion show. I was in charge of assisting one of the models backstage from dressing her in a timely fashion, making sure she gets her makeup done on time, and getting her mentally prepared for her walk down the runway.

I got a chance to see hard work and dedication up close and personal through Marianna's designs, they were inspired from a martial arts movie called "13 Assassins" where her outfits were dark, gritty, had lots of bondage materials and samurai influences. I have always been a huge fan in that I love watching kung fu, anime and samurai movies growing up with my older brother. To meet someone who was into something that was kind of a "hush, hush" thing growing up watching movies like that and being afraid of being called a nerd for watching it. She enlightened me in that her inspiration from that movie turned it into such a beautiful collection that transpired into walking art. Being apart of the Red, Rhythm, Runway Fashion Show 2013, was a very unexpected surprise and a lot of fun. It took a lot of hard work getting to the finish line however, in the end it was all worth it! Hope to meet her again in the future and see more of her work and growth in her talent.